Saturday, July 23, 2011

Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69 cd release.

I've had a lot of fun recently working with Killjoy, from the band Necrophagia, who recently unleashed their newest album Deathtrip 69. He really knows his shit when it comes to horror and making killer music! I got to draw something for every song on the album and my art is featured throughout the booklet and back cover. I was stoked to say the least! Buy the cd if you dig it/after downloading or listening on the computer whatever you do...downloading ruins the experience of an album!...and it makes it harder for the artist to make more cool shit and have tours, etc....If you like it, BUY THE ALBUM! The Cover artwork is by tattoo artist Jake Arnette...i've included some booklet art...this one for the song Beast With Feral Claws which goes for the jugular! Mine and Killjoys tribute to the late, great Paul Naschy! Gore Forever!
-Eric Rot Engelmann

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